Tohoku Tours with SKY TREK

Tohoku is a generic term for the northern area of Japan.

Tohoku is the name for the northernmost area of Japan's main island. It’s a place that played a central role in Jomon culture, also called the origin of Japanese culture. In ancient times, Tohoku was known as "Michinoku," roughly translating to "off the beaten path," because of its distance from the center of Japan and the rough seas and mountain roads that surround it. As a result, Tohoku has a unique culture influenced by indigenous belief and the ancient Japanese religion of Shintoism. Many festivals and rituals that embody that culture still remain today. Tohoku is one of Japan's leading grain-producing areas, and its fertile grounds grow the majority of Japan's consumed apples and an abundance of other fruits.

During the winter months, many areas of Tohoku are hit by heavy snow. This snow made farming almost impossible and thus farmers would take up other crafts to pass the time. This created a vast and rich crafting culture in many areas of Tohoku. This tradition has been passed down through the generations and can be seen in present-day Tohoku crafting. The people of Tohoku are brought up in harmony with the abundant nature, and embody the attributes Japan is famous for: pure-heartedness, humility and honesty. Get lost in Tohoku, the beauty, its unique history and culture and the many world heritage sites open to visitors. Experience the beauty of Tohoku, a region renowned for its peaceful co-existence with nature.

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The Tohoku Less Traveled

Flying over Tohoku is an amazing encounter only few have had the chance to experience. The mountains are absolutely breathtaking and seeing them from close distance makes once-in-a-lifetime memory, especially to share with family and loved ones. We’ve designed three extraordinary 2-day tours to bring the best of Tohoku to you with SKY TREK flights.


Tour #1 Sendai-Niigata Tour

Day 1:
10:00 Depart Sendai Airport (Special Sky Cruise)
11:00 Arrive Niigata Airport
15:00 Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall
17:30 Satoyama Jujo (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)
Day 2:
09:30 Satoyama Jujo (Breakfast at hotel)
11:00 Farm experience & lunch at Kayamori Farm
15:00 Depart Niigata Airport
15:50 Arrive Sendai Airport

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Tour #2 Sendai-Yamagata Tour

Day 1:
10:00 Depart Sendai Airport (Special Sky Cruise)
11:00 Arrive Shonai Airport
11:45 Lunch at Saikan
13:00 Three Mountains of Dewa Yamabushi Experience
17:30 Shonai Hotel SUIDEN TERRASSE (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)
Day 2:
10:00 Shonai Hotel SUIDEN TERRASSE (Breakfast at hotel)
10:30 Kamo Aquarium
11:45 Lunch at Okimizuki
13:45 Depart Shonai Airport
14:25 Arrive Sendai Airport

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Tour #3 Saitama/Tokyo-Sendai Tour

Day 1:
09:30 Depart Honda Airport (Special Sky Cruise)
11:00 Arrive Sendai Airport
11:30 Lunch at Taritsuan
13:00 Matsushima cruise (depart from Shiogama Port)
14:30 Zuiganji Temple
15:30 Entsuin Temple
17:30 Chikusenso (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)
Day 2:
10:30 Chikusenso (Breakfast at hotel)
10:40 Kokeshi Museum
12:30 Lunch at Shoukeikaku
14:40 Depart Sendai Airport
15:55 Arrive Honda Airport

> See Tour #3 details


The Tohoku 2-day tours can be booked through ANA Sales Co., Ltd.

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