Tour #1 Sendai-Niigata Tour

Recommended Tour Itinerary

Day 1:
10:00 Depart Sendai Airport
11:00 Arrive Niigata Airport
15:00 Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall
17:30 Satoyama Jujo (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)

Day 2:
09:30 Satoyama Jujo (Breakfast at hotel)
11:00 Farm experience & lunch at Kayamori Farm
15:00 Depart Niigata Airport
15:50 Arrive Sendai Airport


Highlight of The Flight

Mt. Zao

Sitting on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, Mt. Zao is one of Tohoku's most prominent mountains. Within the mountain lies Okama Crater, a breathtaking caldera lake famous for its changes in color. The deep, water-filled crater is similar in shape (though not in size) to an “okama” cooking pot, thus giving the volcano its name.

It is 27 meters deep and 1,000 meters in perimeter, and it is sometimes called the Five Color Lake due to the way its water changes colors from day to day.

Iide Mountains

The Iide Mountains is a mountain range that spans the Fukushima, Niigata and Yamagata prefectures in Japan. Its highest peak is Mount Dainichi at 2,128m, and the main peak of the range is Mount Iide at 2,105m above sea level. The range contains a number of peaks higher than 2000m and is a part of the Bandai-Asahi National Park.

The Food

Sushi is held in very high esteem in Niigata because it is considered as one of the most popular meals in Japan. In the restaurants where Sushi is served in the area, it is served with great dignity and respect paid to the culture of the meal and it is considered as one of the most expensive meals in general. Whenever tourists visit Niigata, it is not possible to leave without having a taste of the awesome Niigata sushi which is popular across the city for its delicate freshness, the carefulness with which it is prepared and respected. This is one of the reasons why visitors in the area never fail to get a taste of the delicacy whenever they visit Niigata.

Our recommendation: Sushi Restaurant Sekaizushi

The Experience

Sanjo Blacksmith Training Hall

The Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo is a facility where visitors can enjoy a blacksmithing experience under the guidance of experienced professional blacksmiths. The Dojo offers a variety of different courses and activities in which participants can learn about the traditional techniques of Sanjo, a town with a long blacksmithing tradition, including forging, woodworking, and making traditional Butsudan (small Buddhist altars installed in family homes).


EST 1700. Kayamori Farms is a vegetable and Koshihikari rice farm that uses unique growing methods and organic bokashi fertilizer, which the farm makes by fermenting salmon from the Kamo River. In 2001 Kayamori gained widespread attention when they opened an onigiri shop and a restaurant in Tokyo that served their rice. Visitors come from abroad and throughout Japan to stay at the farm’s historic main house and enjoy first-hand farming experiences. House meals use produce harvested from the farm.


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