World Heritage Kofun Flight Tour

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Terms & Conditions

Airport: Kobe Airport(Map
Flight departure: 11:00AM
Flight time: About 40 mintues
Max. passenger: 6
Min. booking: 2 seats



10:00 Pick up at JR Sannomiya Station
10:30 Arriving at Kobe Airport
     Flight briefing and security check
11:00 Flight departure
     Flight Tour
11:40 Flight arrival
12:10 Leaving Kobe Airport
12:40 Drop off at JR Sannomiya Station

*Actual time may differ.


Flight Route

SKYTREK presents a 40-minute flight tour to fully enjoy the wonders of Kobe and Osaka like never seen before! After taking off from Kobe Airport, we will head towards Osaka while flying over the coastline to view the recently registered “Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group World Heritage Sites”. The flight then passes over the 300 meter skyscraper “Abeno Harukas” and the Osaka Shinsekai's symbol "Tsutenkaku Tower" before returning to Kobe Airport.


Pick up

After arriving at the JR Sannomiya station, you will be greeted by our elite transportation team, "MK Hire." Since 2016, they have been awarded the “Excellence Certificate” for three consecutive years on TripAdvisor to escort you to the Kobe Airport in comfort and safety. 


Arriving at the airport

Our flagship “KODIAK100” plane will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive at the Hirata Gakuen lounge.

At SKYTREK, we believe that it is the plane who should wait for people, and you will experience our best hospitality by being able to board the plane as soon as we complete the flight briefing and security check!


Flight Highlights

This flight will fly directly over the newly registered world-heritage site, the Nintoku Emperor’s Tomb, and experience its massive 486 meters size in the comfort of your SKYTREK plane. (Its size is even larger than the Pyramid of Giza and the Qin Emperor’s tomb!)


In addition, we will pass over the “Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group”, where only 44 of the original hundred remains. It is part of a larger network of tombs that also registered as a world-heritage site with Nintoku Tomb. Make sure to take a picture of this world-heritage wonder from the sky!

The return trip to Kobe Airport passes over the tallest building in Japan, the 300 meters “Abeno Harukas”, which we will pass right over during your flight!

The KODIAK100 allows us to safely fly at low altitudes to be able to fully experience never before seen vantage points over places you might have visited before. As a result, we also recommend this flight for your special occasions in addition to sightseeing.


Flight Package

You can book this luxurious 40-minute world-heritage flight over Kobe and Osaka for ¥20,000 / person with transportation included from JR Sannomiya Station. We can hold up to 6 people onboard with a minimum of 2 seats reserved! 


Aircraft Insurance

SKY TREK aircraft insurance:
1.Third party and passenger comprehensive liability insurance. Compensation: 7 Billion Yen.
2. Passenger accident insurance. Compensation: Death 50 Million Yen (per person), hospital visit 20,000 Yen/Day/Person,
3. Rescuer cost comprehensive insurance. Compensation: 50 Million Yen.


Safety is Paramount

Hirata Gakuen Safety Report 2018
Honda Airways Safety Report 2018


Important Notices

*Flight route and departure time is subject to weather and other conditions.
*There is no toilet on the airplane.
*Please do not consume alcohol inside the airplane.
*No photos during take-off and landing.

*Photos and images are for illustration purposes.

Sky Trek Reservation Desk
+81 (0)50-1744-2588 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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