Mt. Fuji Flight Tour

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Terms & Conditions

Airport: Honda Airport (Map)
Flight departure time: 10:00 AM
Flight time: About 60 minutes
Number of passengers: up to 6
Minimum reservation: 2 seats



  8:00 Pick up from Tokyo
  9:30 Arriving at Honda Airport
     Safety briefing and security check
10:00 Take-off
     Mt. Fuji tour
11:00 Landing
11:30 Leaving Honda Airport
13:00 Drop-off in Tokyo

*Estimated time. Actual time may differ.


Flight Route

Experience a unique view of Mt. Fuji from the sky and the entire Tanzawa mountain range with just a short flight from Honda Airport. After making a turn near Sagami Bay, you will then be greeted by the skyscrapers of Yokohama Minato Mirai, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku, and Tokyo Skytree to finish off a 60-minute flight packed with both beautiful nature and gorgeous city views. Take your friends, family, or significant other out on an unforgettable journey today!



We pick up from any location within the Tokyo 23 wards. Served by leading premium car service providers such as The Luxury Fleet based in Tokyo, you’re ensured to have a truly premium travel experience.



When you arrive at Honda Airways lobby, SKY TREK’s KODIAK100 aircraft is already prepared for take-off. After safety briefing and security check, you’ll be guided to the aircraft for boarding. No waiting time, truly hassle free.



Tour Highlight

Sit back and relax in the elegant interior of Kodiak100 aircraft. There’re two types of seat configuration. The aircraft seats up to 6 passengers making it perfect for family and small group of friends to enjoy the tour together.






Aircraft Insurance

SKY TREK aircraft insurance:

  1. Third party and passenger comprehensive liability insurance. Compensation: 3 Billion Yen.
  2. Passenger accident insurance. Compensation: Death 50 Million Yen (per person), hospital visit 20,000 Yen/Day/Person.
  3. Rescuer cost comprehensive insurance. Compensation: 50 Million Yen.


Safety is Paramount

Safety report of our flight operators (in Japanese):

Hirata Gakuen 2018 Report

Honda Airways 2018 Report


*Images are for illustration purposes.


Sky Trek Reservation Desk 
+81 (0)50-1744-2588 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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