Tour #2 Sendai-Yamagata Tour


Recommended Tour Itinerary

Day 1:
10:00 Depart Sendai Airport (Special Sky Cruise)
11:00 Arrive Shonai Airport
11:45 Lunch at Saikan
13:00 Three Mountains of Dewa Yamabushi Experience
17:30 Shonai Hotel SUIDEN TERRASSE (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)

Day 2:
10:00 Shonai Hotel SUIDEN TERRASSE (Breakfast at hotel)
10:30 Kamo Aquarium
11:45 Lunch at Okimizuki
13:45 Depart Shonai Airport
14:25 Arrive Sendai Airport


Highlight of The Flight

Mt. Zao

Sitting on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, Mt. Zao is one of Tohoku's most prominent mountains. Within the mountain lies Okama Crater, a breathtaking caldera lake famous for its changes in color. The deep, water-filled crater is similar in shape (though not in size) to an “okama” cooking pot, thus giving the volcano its name.

It is 27 meters deep and 1,000 meters in perimeter, and it is sometimes called the Five Color Lake due to the way its water changes colors from day to day.

Mt. Gassan

Mt. Gassan is the highest of the Three Mountains of Dewa in the ancient province of Dewa (modern-day Yamagata prefecture). The Gassan Shrine stands at the mountain's summit, 1,984 metres above sea level.  Mt. Gassan has also been selected as one of Japan’s 100 greatest mountains for flowers.

Shonai Plain

The Shonai Plain, where Tsuruoka is situated, is one of the Japanese rice belts. As rice grows in summer, the Shonai Plain looks like a sea of green that is surrounded by mountains.

The Experience

Three Mountains of Dewa Yamabushi Experience

The three mountains of Dewa are the mountains Gassan, Haguro and Yudono, and it is said that people are reborn after visiting the peaks of all three mountains. Yamabushi are Japanese mountain ascetic hermits. During the Yamabushi experience one will strip from their city garbs and don a white robe. Following the training path deep into the Dewa mountains, one can learn about nature and the way of the Yamabush.

Kamo Aquarium

The only aquarium in Yamagata, the Kamo Aquarium has a popular jellyfish exhibition hosting over 50 different species. With various colors and sizes, the jellyfish exhibition is a joy for all ages, attracting visitors from not only Japan but all over the world.

The Stay


Designed by artist Shigeru Saka, this wooden hotel was created in order for guests to enjoy all seasons of Japan. Overlooking a rice field, said to be the original scenery of Japan, on a clear day this hotel has excellent views akin to Bolivia’s Uyuni salt lake.


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