Tour #3 Saitama/Tokyo-Sendai Tour


Recommended Tour Itinerary

Day 1:
09:30 Depart Honda Airport (Special Sky Cruise)
11:00 Arrive Sendai Airport
11:30 Lunch at Taritsuan
13:00 Matsushima cruise (depart from Shiogama Port)
14:30 Zuiganji Temple
15:30 Entsuin Temple
17:30 Chikusenso (Dinner and accommodation at hotel)

Day 2:
10:30 Chikusenso (Breakfast at hotel)
10:40 Kokeshi Museum
12:30 Lunch at Shoukeikaku
14:40 Depart Sendai Airport
15:55 Arrive Honda Airport


Highlight of The Flight

Lake Inawashiro

Lake Inawashiro is in the very center of Fukushima, taking its name from the Inawashiro area, and is known as the fourth largest lake in Japan. Its high level of transparency reflects the sky like a mirror, earning it the nickname “Sky Mirror Lake”, and on sunny days the clear water appears an even deeper shining blue. It is also famous for its sightseeing boats, the ice droplets that form on trees when strong winter winds blow water into the air, and the swans that visit.

Mt. Bandai

Mt. Bandai is a 1816 meter tall, one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan. Known as the Mt. Fuji of Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture , past eruptions of this sacred peak helped form the region's beautiful landscapes.

Mt. Zao

Sitting on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, Mt. Zao is one of Tohoku's most prominent mountains. Within the mountain lies Okama Crater, a breathtaking caldera lake famous for its changes in color. The deep, water-filled crater is similar in shape (though not in size) to an “okama” cooking pot, thus giving the volcano its name.

It is 27 meters deep and 1,000 meters in perimeter, and it is sometimes called the Five Color Lake due to the way its water changes colors from day to day.


The Experience

Zuiganji Temple

Taking over five years to be completed by Date Masamune, the Zuiganji Temple stands as one of the best Zen temples in the area. A Bodaji Temple – a Buddhist temple where generation after generation bury and watch over their dead through traditional burial and rituals – the Zuiganji Temple was important to the Date family. Gorgeous paintings of Karato and Ranma, sliding doors and beautifully made floors made Zuiganji Temple a pinnacle of architectural prowess. Although man-made, the temple was a representation of the natural beauty in Japan making it akin to a national treasure.


Matsushima・Shiogama Cruise

Using various sizes of sightseeing boats, the Shiogama Cruise takes visitors around the Matsushima islands to Shiogama. Sail into the shallows and get closer to the island than any other tour. Explore the island, surrounding islets, and depending on the season, there are also special projects and oyster hotpot cruises available.


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